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Current Projects

  • Real-time path planning and tracking control of various robotic systems in a nonstationary environment
  • Real-time motion control of robotic systems with unknown robot dynamics
  • Real-time multi-sensor fusion and decision making of mobile robots
  • Practical investigation of biologically inspired approaches to autonomy management of mobile robots
  • Prototype of mobile robots for industrial applications
  • Applications of robotics techniques to virtual assembly and manufacturing with intelligent guidance
  • Internet based teleoperation of robotic systems
  • Modeling of mass transfer in solid-liquid contacting operation – osmotic treatment of food and supercritical fluid extraction of bioactive components from biomaterials
  • Microbial food safety: integrated modeling techniques for: farm to fork: risk assessment
  • Dynamic sensory motor control of wing beat in insects such as a locust and a fly
  • Visual motion information processing in vertebrate retina